How BLUE BIN Wine Got Its Name

There were several inspirations behind the BLUE BIN brand.

One of the “impact pillars” of being a Certified B Corporation is prioritizing and caring for the planet, which the founder, Ron Rubin, is 100% committed to doing.

After some research, we learned that just the weight of the wine glass bottles (typically from 420 grams to 850 grams) accounts for 29% of wines’ carbon footprint! So, finding a solution to reduce the carbon footprint was a big motivating factor. BLUE BIN’s innovative bottle tips the scales at a mere 52 grams (literally one-tenth the weight of a typical wine bottle).


Most people do not age their wines before drinking


Additionally, Ron read a study by Sonoma State University that showed 90% of all wine is consumed within one week or two weeks after purchase. So, there must be a better alternative to the traditional glass wine packaging that would be better for the environment and perfect for most wine consumers who drink the wine within two weeks of their purchase.


Blue recycling bins were the inspiration for our name


The name inspired Ron one day last summer when he was driving to his winery on Route 116 (Gravenstein Highway) outside Sebastopol.

“I noticed all the blue recycling bins on the road ready for pickup that day.” When Ron and his team explored alternative bottles to combat waste from traditional wine bottles, they discovered making a 100% rPET bottle was possible. Knowing that blue recycling bins are where all the recycled material comes from to produce rPET, the name BLUE BIN was a perfect fit!


The “go anywhere” wine option


Packing BLUE BIN wines in lightweight, innovative bottles opens up new opportunities to enjoy wine on the go, such as pools, beaches, boating, and other outdoor activities where glass bottles are likely to pose a problem.

The shatterproof bottle makes it easy to take a lightweight bottle of wine along on outdoor adventures!


Our remarkable bottle!


We partnered with Amcor, a leader in responsible packaging solutions, to create the bottle we use for BLUE BIN wines.

This is the first bottle in the US to be made out of 100% recycled materials. With this bottle, we aim to inspire more wineries to purchase and use glass bottles that typically weigh ten times what these bottles weigh – especially for their wines that will be consumed shortly after purchase.

Being cognizant of better packaging for the planet is a significant move wine producers can make to create a more sustainable and planet-friendly wine industry.


Consumers now have a planet-friendly choice


We envision a world where winemakers and consumers work together to make positive, planet-friendly decisions about the wines they produce, purchase, and consume.

BLUE BIN is not alone. Many wineries and advocates for change are doing their part to make the industry better for the planet.

For consumers, a good first step is to do their research and homework, seeking alternative packaging options while enjoying a great bottle of wine.

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